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Insolvency proceedings and debt restructuring

We assist companies that are in delicate financial situations. Together with our client and a network of valid professionals including accountants, tax specialists and labour lawyers, we identify the best solution to tackle their critical issues.

We follow the company in all phases of insolvency proceedings, with particular reference to debt restructuring, arrangements with creditors (procedure di concordato preventivo), and bankruptcy.

We have solid experience in assisting bankruptcy trustees and administrators in resolving judicial and out-of-court issues caused by bankruptcy and composition agreements with creditors.

We also put our skills at the service of anyone intending to purchase companies and assets subject to insolvency proceedings and, in the framework of debt collection [litigation], we assert the rights that our Italian or foreign clients are vested with towards companies subject to insolvency proceedings.

By using regulatory tools conceived by European Union law, we are able to equally intervene in the event of cross-border insolvency proceedings.

Insolvency proceedings and debt restructuring

Roberto Santoro Avvocato

Roberto Santoro

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Cesare Cabrini

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Chiara Zerbaro

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Debora Mazzon

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