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Intellectual Property and ICTs

Our firm offers advice on the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights, closely working with our clients to evaluate the opportunity to register trademarks, patents, domain names, designs, models or other industrial property rights, as well as ascertaining the existence of similar registrations. In the event of registration of these exclusive rights, we follow the necessary administrative procedures and we assist the client in the event of opposition by third parties.

We take care of the negotiation and preparation of contracts for the sale or licensing of IP rights, and of the various contracts needed to deal with them. In this field, we work with the client so that we can protect confidential business information in the best and safest way.

We represent our clients before competent jurisdictions in disputes concerning intellectual and industrial property, such as potential counterfeits, unfair competition actions and patent and TMs infringements.

We also offer our industry experience in the field of new technologies, for which we follow the negotiation and drafting of IT contracts with suppliers and service providers, sales contracts or software licenses agreements, as well as agreements for the creation of websites and the provisions of hosting services. If necessary, we draft the conditions of use of websites and regulate the use of cookies.

Lastly, we support companies that want to develop their business through e-commerce and online sales, ensuring that these activities are carried out in compliance with the applicable regulations, in particular competition law, data protection regulations and consumer law.

Intellectual Property and ICTs

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Alberto Dal Ferro

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