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International and national commercial contracts

When we assist companies, we try to predict and avoid any possible disputes by committing ourselves to drawing up contracts that are, as far as possible, tailored to the needs of our customers and their business.

Thanks to efficient contractual remedies, we try to prevent misunderstandings and disputes, in particular with foreign counterparts.

We provide our step-by-step support to our clients in the management of their ordinary business relationships, including sales, distribution, agency, supply and consultancy agreements both in Italy and abroad, working in multiple languages.

In the online sales sector, we assist our clients throughout each step, starting from the creation of their website (with platform creation contracts and hosting contracts) until their choices on uploading and management of cookies, as well as in the planning of contractual sales terms and conditions.

Within the framework of both horizontal and vertical B2B relationships (also in the online segment), we pay particular attention to the assessment of the critical aspects of competition law which, if not respected, could result in huge fines for companies, from the EU or the national administrative authorities.

International and national commercial contracts

Alberto Dal Ferro avvocato cassazionista

Alberto Dal Ferro

Arrigo Giacomelli  Avvocato cassazionista

Arrigo Giacomelli

Andrea Cevese Avvocato cassazionista

Andrea Cevese

Roberto Santoro Avvocato

Roberto Santoro

Cesare Filippo Diego Cabrini Avvocato Cittadino italiano e svizzero

Cesare Cabrini

Silvia La Barbera Avvocato, LLM

Silvia La Barbera

Fiorella Dal Monte Avvocato, PhD

Fiorella Dal Monte

Andrea Bagni Avvocato

Andrea Bagni

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