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Labour Law

Our assistance, consultancy and representation activities on labour law issues are addressed to companies, private individuals, business agents, managers, public administrations and entities.

We follow all stages of the employment relationship (conclusion of employment contracts, legal
characterisation, ius variandi, claim for higher qualifications, job transfers, detachments, modification of organisation structures, breaches of the duty of loyalty and post-contractual non-competition clauses, individual and collective dismissals), within the framework of different contractual types and in case of atypical forms of work (fixed-term contract, temporary employment contracts, continuous and coordinated contractual relationships). We also deal with matters concerning the compensation for material and non-material damages due to accidents at work and professional illnesses. We offer our consultancy for issues related to procurement, illegal brokerage, joint and several liability for salary and social security

We represent our clients in litigation before jurisdictions, entities, institutions, inspection and control bodies competent for labour law, social security, privacy and safety at work matters.

We also address issues on employment law which are implied by corporate acquisitions, transfers and transformations.

Labour Law

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